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This is one of the last images I painted in 2007. My mother had just passed away at the end of November, and as I painted these two fall leaves I realized that it was my mother's death that I was recognizing. As these brilliant leaves indicate the inevitable changing of seasons, so too my mother being gone surely means inevitable changing times for me and my entire family.

A tribute to my mother, this image also serves to remember others as they pass. When someone leaves behind family and friends, they leave people who will forever remember. For those left behind, their lives will be forever changed. Just as the colourful fall leaves are a harbinger of the changing seasons, so too someone dear to us passing will leave an everlasting and special impression in our hearts. As our lives go on, and as the sun again shines one day for us, their passing will nevertheless certainly mark, for all of us left behind, the beginning of "Changing Times".



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