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In the summer of 2000 Gibsons showed us all just what a special place it really is. I have lived here, or been associated to this Town for over 12 years and I have always touted it a "special" community. What is special about it is the fact that it has the ability and willingness as a community to take visions and dreams and make them reality. On July 1st, 2000 one such vision came to life. Not only did we celebrate Canada's birthday, and not only did we greet the RCMP vessel, St. Roch II on its first stop of its circumnavigation of North America, but we also opened the Sea Walk and Gazebo built on the rock breakwater here in our harbour. That Sea Walk had been a long time dream of many in our community, and now it was a reality. Whenever I see this beautiful structure I feel a sense of pride for those with the vision and for those who made it come true.

I have painted the image of the walkway from a vantage point in Gibsons Marina. It is painted to show the evening sun lighting up the beautiful wood of its structure. Likewise, it is painted in a time of tranquility. I wanted its lines, structure and presence to speak for itself. What was once a dream is now a beacon of welcome to all who approach us from the water. What was once a fantastic vision is now a vantage point for all to use. We are all the benefactors of the visionaries and the very special abilities of our community. Our children and our children's children will know of us through this structure. It speaks well of who we are, of our dreams and of our energies. Whenever any of us look to the harbour and to the Sea Walk, we should always be swelled with the pride of this very special community we live in. As the eyes are the window to one's soul, so too our harbour is the window to our community. It both allows one a glimpse in, but it also provides a reflection of who we are.



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