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I first came to know the game of golf when I was about 13 years old. My father bought my brother George and me a membership at the Kawartha Golf and Country Club in Peterborough, Ontario. I fell in love with the game when I hit my first drive. For about 10 years I played golf and practiced myself down to about a three handicap. Work, marriage, children and time and circumstance all played a part in it. Golf ultimately took a distant back seat to other of life's priorities. I still love the game to this day though and play perhaps three or four games a year.

In the summer of 2004 I went to the pro shop at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club at Roberts Creek. I asked permission to wander the course simply to find a painting. For well over a year I'd felt the gentle tug whenever I'd drive by the course. There was a painting calling, but I was resisting. I didn't want to create an image of a golf course like so many others. Panoramic vistas of some beautiful landscaped golf hole isn't my style. There had to be something else calling me and I was here to answer that call. Not only was I given permission to do as I'd asked, they loaned me a golf cart to do my job.

On the third hole I found the image that had been beckoning. The old stump in the rough to the right of the green was my kind of subject. I took several photographs from many vantage points but when I finally got down to the work of composing and painting, one composition stood out in particular. My painting was almost done when the inspiration hit me. There had to be a golf ball in the painting. As I painted in the errant golf ball I realized that there isn't a golfer who hasn't suffered this fate. Likewise, there isn't a golfer who, at standing over the ball doesn't ask "Is there a shot at the green?", "Is there a shot at the pin?" I've never created a painting to this point in time that makes me smile the way this one does. I know that golfers will be challenged when they see this image. I know they'll be mulling the possibilities over in their mind. One simple golf ball added to an image and I've created an interactive painting. Take the ball out and the image loses dynamics and energy. Such is golf. A simple white ball can complicate one's life so much.

My title is designed to tease the thinking golfer just a bit more. You see, number three at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club is a par three, and as the title of this piece dictates - you are "LYING 1".



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