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In the early 1970's I worked in Victoria as a very young RCMP officer. I was undercover. With few exceptions, even the other police officers didn't know who I was. My work was intense, at times dangerous, and time consuming. Save for the downtown area, I really never did get to know the very beautiful community that is Victoria.

Since that time I have returned to Victoria many times, usually to visit or relax. Often, I would be in Victoria to produce limited edition prints of my artwork. Making up for lost time from the 70's, I have grown to love Victoria as a wonderful place to visit and relax. No matter what the reason for my visits, I'd usually go for my daily run in the early morning, long before the bustle of tourists started. One of my favourite routes would take me from Beacon Hill Park over the hill and down to the walking trail along the bluffs overlooking the Olympic Mountains of Washington state.

Age, time and physical circumstance have all dictated that running is no longer a part of my daily routine. Other activities keep me active and in some semblance of good fitness. I miss those runs whenever I'm in Victoria and I find myself drawn to the old run routes, if only to walk.

While visiting my daughter, Melanie, in April of 2004 I rose one morning long before the sun. With coffee mug and camera in hand I was again seduced by the magnetic pull of that beautiful walk above the ocean. I knew a painting was beckoning and I had to answer the call. As the sun rose and the mists of dawn shrouded the Olympic Mountains in a gossamer veil I found my image. The humble broom glowed in the first intense rays of the day's new sun. Split cedar planks framed the composition and the day presented itself in a glorious reflection. It lasted only seconds, this fleeting brilliant show, but my camera caught the moment. Now, in spite of not being able to run one of my favourite routes any more, I can always enjoy the freshness of a Victoria morning in my image I call "OLYMPIC SUNRISE".



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